1995 Georgie Boy


We had a customer come to our shop with a 1995 Georgie Boy Class A motorhome. Since the coach was older, the paint and decals had become faded and chalky. He wanted to give his motorhome a makeover before moving to an RV park down in San Diego. We worked with him and our graphics […]

1999 Spirit Casita

rv repair casita after 1

We had a customer come to our shop while they were traveling through town from Oregon with their Casita trailer. Casitas are great trailers because they are perfect to tow behind a regular vehicle since you do not need a 5th wheel trailer hitch. Casita trailers normally come white with blue accent decals. Just like […]

2010 Ford Raptor


We had a 2010 white Ford Raptor come to our shop for repairs to the front left corner of the truck. The customer was in a tight parking garage and hit one of the poles. From the outside the damage did not look too bad but once we opened everything up there was a lot […]

2006 Fleetwood Excursion


A repeat customer came back to us with their 2006 Fleetwood Excursion after a high speed chase ended on their dead end street. Their RV was extremely damaged from the accident in which a car hit the motorhome at high speeds. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident other than the RV. The entire […]

2008 Dodge Sprinter

sprinter after 2

We had a customer come to us as a referral from another shop that could not handle the size of the job. The front end of the sprinter was damaged very badly and luckily no one was injured during the accident. The customer needed the car back right away so we had to finish the job […]