2004 Winnebago Journey


A customer came to us for a roof replacement after there had been substantial damage done to their existing roof. The roof got caught on something and a large portion was ripped off exposing the underlayment that was not waterproof. We had to get the RV in for repairs as quickly as possible because there […]

2013 Keystone Montana


A customer came to us after some damage was done to the left rear corner of his 2013 Keystone Montana 5th wheel. The aluminum j-panel was damaged and the rear wall was cracked. The customer needed to get his trailer back in time for a trip he was taking so we made sure it was […]

2014 BMW 320i


Rose H. had just purchased a brand new BMW 320i and not even a month later another driver side swiped her car while she was driving. She was extremely upset with what had happened and brought her car to us to complete the repairs. The car needed 2 complete door assemblies, a rocker panel, and […]

1974 Argosy Travel Trailer


A couple from Washington wanted to restore and update their 1974 Argosy Travel Trailer and chose us to do the job. These types of projects are some of our favorites because the end result is very dramatic and really brings the trailer back to life. When figuring out exactly what they wanted to do with the […]

RV Roof Maintenance and Repair


The roof of your RV is something that can be overlooked quite often since it’s something you don’t normally think about when the rest of the RV is working properly. Once the roof is damaged or stops working properly you have a big problem on your hands. This is why it’s important to maintain and […]