2008 National RV Sea Breeze

After an unfortunate accident with his 2008 Sea Breeze Larry brought his RV to us for fiberglass repairs to the front cap corner. A section of the fiberglass corner had actually been torn off. One of our technicians fabricated a fiberglass mold to use in place of the missing part. The mold worked very well and fit perfectly.

From the force of the impact most of the reinforcement brackets that fasten to the front cap were broken or missing we were able to fabricate all new brackets and install foam over the brackets to make sure they were fully reinforced.

Another peculiar result from the accident was a puncture hole in the interior leather ceiling of the RV. The glass closet doors came off of their tracksĀ during the impact and the sharp corner poked a hole into the ceiling. We were not sure how to go about fixing this without replacing the entire interior leather section, but we were able to find an interior repair contractor to come out and fix the damage for us, it looked just like new.

Larry was thrilled with the completed repairs and ready to get his RV back on the road! Take a look at the before and after photos of the repairs in the slideshow.