2007 Tiffin Allegro Bus

We had a customer bring their Tiffin Allegro Bus to our shop for repairs in August. He found us through our On Your Side repair network with Nationwide Insurance. There was 2 claims on the RV, one for the front due to an accident with a deer and one in the rear end of the RV. Both ends needed extensive fiberglass repair because they were cracked all the way through.

Fiberglass repair is one of our specialties and we always strive to return the repaired areas to a condition that is better than they were before.

Along with the fiberglass repair our customer wanted to replace all of the decals on the outside of the Allegro Bus. We collaborated with Black Dog Graphics to get all of the new decals and once we were done the coach looked great. The old decals had faded and gotten chalky from so many hours of being in the sun. The new decals had more vibrant colors and made the RV look new again! Our customer was very happy with the new look of the RV.