1998 Itasca Spirit

A repeat customer came to us after some minor damage had been done to the side of his 1998 Itasca Spirit C-class motorhome. The awning needed to be replaced because it had been completely torn off, which did a lot of damage to the outer sidewall of the coach.

These kind of accidents are very common, because it can be easy to get the awning stuck on something or accidentally side-swipe something and rip the awning off. Although replacing the awning itself is not a huge task, the damage that it can do to the side wall of your RV can be very expensive.

There was a lapse of time in between the accident and getting the vehicle repaired, during that time some moisture got into the sidewall and once we opened it up there was a lot more damage than we had initially thought. We ended up replacing a portion of the sidewall, which meant we had to replace all of the vinyl decals. The decals were a perfect match and made the RV look great. Our customer was very happy with the work we had performed and the RV looked like new again!