1995 Georgie Boy

We had a customer come to our shop with a 1995 Georgie Boy Class A motorhome. Since the coach was older, the paint and decals had become faded and chalky. He wanted to give his motorhome a makeover before moving to an RV park down in San Diego.

We worked with him and our graphics vendor, Black Dog Graphics, to make this come to life on the RV. Our customer had a specific idea about what he wanted done to the RV which made the process go quickly. Although graphics and decals do not last the entire life of an RV they are a great and inexpensive way to give your RV or trailer a facelift and bring some life back into it. There is always an option of getting the decal design painted on as well which is more costly, but does last longer than normal decals.

Once we were finished with the Georgie Boy it looked like a new motorhome, our customer was very pleased with the work and excited to take it to his new home!