1994 Safari Serengeti

We had a customer come to us after an accident that resulted in almost all of the lower right side of his coach torn up. At first we were unable to determine whether or not it was going to be a total loss but the customer definitely wanted to keep the motorhome. Once we wrote the estimate and talked with the adjuster we were able to keep it under the threshold and start repairs.

Although it is a 1994 the RV is in very good condition and we knew we would be able to restore it to pre-accident condition. Once the repairs were started it took us about 2 months to complete the job. All of the damaged doors needed to be replaced and the floor near the stairwell was heavily damaged. We fabricated all of the doors ourselves using stainless steel material and sent that material out to be laser cut in order to fit exactly the way they did before the accident. Rebuilding the stairwell was also a challenge because it tore up some of the flooring in the RV and we had to make sure everything fit properly once we were completed. Our technicians were able to reinforce the stairs and stairwell to make it even stronger than it was before, using steel beams and brackets.

While the motorhome was at our shop we examined the roof to make sure everything was sealed and waterproof, but the roof did need some sealing. This is a common operation we do for our customers while doing other repair work on their RVs. It is important to check on things like this because what could be a very minor fix (if caught early enough), can end up being a major fix once it has already caused extensive damage.

When our customer came to pick up the RV he was very happy with the work we had completed for him and ready to get back on the road!